• Can handle any and all of your contract chemical packaging needs, including both commercial and consumer packaging at any volume
  • Stand up pouches filled and packed at high speed - liquid or dry product with or without fitments
  • Packaging in conventional or child resistant jars, boxes, stand up pouches, buckets for liquids, solids or granulars
  • Contract chemical packaging in our dry room facilities ideal for effervescent tablets or any product requiring production in a low humidity environment
  • Valeron pouches
  • Packaging, labels and material sourcing
  • Automatic case erecting, packing, sealing, palletizing for high output production
  • High speed wrapping:
    • Horizontal FFS for tablets
    • Vertical FFS for powder
    • Four-sided vertical tablet packaging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Two-color silk screening on quart bottles
  • In-house print shop facilities with graphic artist, providing type set, composition, positives, negatives, colorkey, labels
  • Special packing and kit building for products sold on home shopping television.